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    Faulty Heating Compensation

    No one should be left in the cold. It is a basic right of tenants to have access to heating warm water. Let us restore your heating.


    As a tenant, you should not have to live in a home with leaks. We’ll make sure all leaks are permanently repaired.

    Rotten Windows Compensation

    As well as looking visibly unpleasant, rotten widows can also lead to cold air coming into your property. We can help get this fixed.

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    Peabody Housing Pays Thousands To Our Client In Housing Disrepair Claim

      The Claim   In this housing disrepair claim, our client, Mr. I, a tenant of Peabody, faced severe disrepair issues in his home. Mr. I had been forced to live with black mould, falling tiles, rotten skirting boards, drafts in multiple rooms, water droplets in the storage room and flaking paint. These issues created an unhealthy…

    Ceiling Collapse Leads To Thousands In Compensation

      The Claim   In this claim for compensation and repairs from their housing association, our client, Mrs. A, faced a severe issue with her home: a persistent leak that caused the ceiling to collapse multiple times over two years. Despite numerous reports, the first of which was November 2021, the housing association failed to fix…

    Over £30,000 Paid Out By Landlord In Disrepair Claim

      The Claim   Mrs B’s home suffered from severe neglect, leading to a disrepair claim that addressed the significant impact on her family’s health and safety. Persistent leaks led to widespread dampness and mould in the kitchen, living room, and other areas, which not only damaged the property but also created a musty and…

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