Boiler Disrepair Claim: Thousands Secured In Compensation

Boiler Disrepair Claim: Thousands Secured In Compensation


The Claim


Miss K approached us with a serious issue. Her landlord had refused to fix her faulty boiler for nearly a year, leaving her without reliable hot water. Miss K was unaware at this point she could be entitled to housing disrepair compensation for what she has suffered. For about 10 months, Miss K faced significant inconvenience and discomfort as the landlord ignored her repeated requests for repairs. The lack of hot water affected her daily routines, making it difficult to maintain hygiene and comfort, especially during colder months. The faulty boiler forced Miss K to find alternative ways to heat water for bathing and cleaning, adding to her stress and frustration.


The prolonged disrepair caused her significant distress, impacting her mental well-being and overall quality of life. Feeling helpless and unsupported, Miss K turned to us, desperate for a resolution. Taking on her case, we began the fight to ensure her repairs were carried out and to secure housing disrepair compensation for the extended period without proper heating and hot water.


Our Approach


Understanding the urgency of Miss K’s situation, we quickly took action. We started by thoroughly documenting her case, including collecting evidence of the faulty boiler and the multiple attempts she made to get the landlord to fix it. This evidence was crucial in building a strong case to present to the landlord and, if necessary, in court.


We reached out to the landlord with a detailed explanation of the legal obligations they had neglected. Our communication emphasised the impact of the disrepair on Miss K’s daily life and well-being. Making it clear that immediate action was required. We also highlighted the potential legal consequences of continuing to ignore the issue, urging the landlord to prioritise the repairs. Throughout the process, we maintained regular communication with Miss K. We kept her informed of our progress and the steps we were taking. This transparency reassures her that we are handling her case with the utmost priority and also that a resolution is on the horizon.


The Outcome


As a result of our prompt and effective actions, we secured a successful outcome for Miss K. We promptly arranged for her boiler to be fixed and secured £2,280 in housing disrepair compensation for her. We settle the entire case in just under five months. This is a much shorter timeframe compared to the nearly year-long period during which her complaints are ignored.


This resolution brought immense relief to Miss K. She can finally enjoy a reliable hot water supply and a comfortable living environment. The compensation she received acknowledged the distress and inconvenience she had endured. This provided her with a sense of justice and closure.


Miss K’s case highlights the importance of holding landlords accountable for their responsibilities. By doing so we ensure that tenants live in safe and habitable homes. Our involvement transformed Miss K’s living conditions. This case serves as a reminder of the critical role legal intervention can play in cases of disrepair.