Ceiling Collapse Leads To Thousands In Compensation

Worker repairing a collapsed ceiling with a trowel.

Ceiling Collapse Leads To Thousands In Compensation


The Claim


In this claim for compensation and repairs from their housing association, our client, Mrs. A, faced a severe issue with her home: a persistent leak that caused the ceiling to collapse multiple times over two years. Despite numerous reports, the first of which was November 2021, the housing association failed to fix the leak, leading to repeated ceiling collapses. This was a huge risk to Mrs. A’s safety.


During this period, Mrs. A was constantly using buckets to limit the damage to her belongings. Mrs. A was forced to replace carpets and sofas due to the ongoing damage. Desperate for the housing association to carry out the necessary repairs and seeking compensation for the expenses she had incurred, Mrs. A approached us for help.


Our Approach


Understanding the severity of the housing disrepair, we took immediate action to address Mrs. A’s claim against her housing association. We carefully documented all instances of the leak and ceiling collapses, including photographs and also records of the damaged belongings. This thorough documentation was crucial in building a strong case against the housing association.


We directly engaged with the housing association, demanding immediate and thorough repairs to rectify the persistent leak and ceiling collapses. Our communication was clear and assertive, emphasising the legal obligations of the housing association to provide safe and habitable living conditions. We highlighted the extensive damage and inconvenience our client had endured, insisting that immediate action was necessary.


The Outcome


Initially, the housing association agreed to a settlement of £2,145.00 in compensation, with repairs to be conducted eight weeks after acceptance. However, upon checking in with Mrs. A, we found that the repairs had not been carried out as agreed. This breach of agreement prompted us to take the matter to court to ensure justice for our client.


In court, we successfully argued that the housing association had failed to meet their obligations. As a result, the court awarded our client an additional £1,500 in damages for the breach of agreement.  They also emphasied all necessary repairs still needed to be carried out in a timely manner. Our relentless pursuit of justice ensured that the housing association were held accountable for their neglect.


Our tireless efforts ensured that Mrs. A received the compensation from the housing association she deserved and that the required repairs were finally carried out. This case is just one example of our drive to ensure our clients receive all they are entitled to. Their journey with us doesn’t just end at the settlement. We are there with them until they are living safely and comfortably in the home they deserve.