Over £30,000 Paid Out By Landlord In Disrepair Claim

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Over £30,000 Paid Out By Landlord In Disrepair Claim


The Claim


Mrs B’s home suffered from severe neglect, leading to a disrepair claim that addressed the significant impact on her family’s health and safety. Persistent leaks led to widespread dampness and mould in the kitchen, living room, and other areas, which not only damaged the property but also created a musty and unhealthy living environment. Structural issues, such as cracking and crumbling plaster, added to their concerns, particularly after an incident where falling plasterboard from the ceiling injured Mrs B, requiring hospital treatment.


The poor condition of the home caused significant distress for the family. Mrs B’s granddaughter had to move out of her bedroom due to the unsafe conditions. This caused disruption to her sleep and social life. The entire family experienced increased stress and embarrassment due to the state of their home. This deeply impacted on their daily lives and well-being. This scenario underscored the urgent need for action in our disrepair claim against the landlord, focusing on securing the necessary repairs and compensation to address these serious issues.


Our Approach


Recognising the severity of Mrs B’s disrepair issues, we prepared a robust legal strategy. We documented the poor conditions of her home in-depth, gathering evidence such as photographs of the damage, medical reports detailing Mrs B’s injuries, and statements from her family about the challenges they faced daily.


Our case emphasised the landlord’s negligence in failing to maintain a safe and habitable environment, a clear violation of their obligations. As we progressed, we decided to escalate the matter by taking the landlord to county court. Throughout the process, we kept Mrs B informed and supported. We ensured she understood each step and the implications for her family. Our aim in court was to secure not only the necessary repairs but also adequate compensation for the hardships endured by Mrs B and her family, underlining the importance of landlord accountability in maintaining property standards.


The Outcome


Our persistent efforts in the county court led to a favourable outcome for Mrs B. The court awarded her £4,200 in compensation for the inconvenience, distress, and injuries caused by the extensive disrepair. Additionally, the landlord was required to carry out necessary repairs. The costs of which estimated at £27,792, to restore the property to a safe and habitable condition. Mrs B was temporarily relocated in July 2022 to ensure her safety while the repairs were undertaken. By July 2023, she was able to return to her newly repaired home, which was completed ahead of the September 2023 deadline. The comprehensive repairs addressed all major issues, including structural damage, dampness, and mould, significantly improving the living conditions.


The successful resolution to the disrepair claim brought significant relief to Mrs B and her family. It allowed them to enjoy their home without the constant stress and health risks previously caused by the disrepair. Through our dedicated advocacy, we were able to transform her living conditions and provide her with the justice she deserved.