Peabody Housing Pays Thousands To Our Client In Housing Disrepair Claim

Worker repairing wall tiles in a home.

Peabody Housing Pays Thousands To Our Client In Housing Disrepair Claim


The Claim


In this housing disrepair claim, our client, Mr. I, a tenant of Peabody, faced severe disrepair issues in his home. Mr. I had been forced to live with black mould, falling tiles, rotten skirting boards, drafts in multiple rooms, water droplets in the storage room and flaking paint. These issues created an unhealthy and unsafe living environment, severely impacting his daily life and well-being. Despite reporting these problems to Peabody as early as February 2020 and making a total of 20 reports, they undertake no substantial repairs. The most recent report before seeking our help was in January 2021.


When Mr. I approached us in March 2021, he was desperate for a resolution. The ongoing neglect had caused extensive damage to the property. Peabody had failed to perform any annual checks on the property, exacerbating the disrepair issues. Mr. I was living in conditions far below acceptable housing standards, facing health risks and significant discomfort. His home had become an environment fraught with daily challenges, from dealing with drafts that made rooms uncomfortably cold to managing black mould and damp that posed serious health risks. This situation prompted Mr. I to seek our help with his housing disrepair claim.


Our Approach


Understanding the gravity of the situation, we took immediate action to address the housing disrepair claim. We began by thoroughly documenting all the issues reported by Mr. I. We compiled evidence such as photographs of the mould, damaged tiles, rotten skirting boards, and other areas of concern. This comprehensive documentation was crucial in building a strong housing disrepair claim against Peabody.


We engaged directly with Peabody, demanding immediate and thorough repairs to rectify the disrepair issues. Our communication was clear and assertive, emphasising the legal obligations of the housing association to maintain safe and habitable living conditions. We stressed that the numerous reports and lack of action were unacceptable and immediate action was needed to address all of Mr. I’s concerns in this housing disrepair claim.


The Outcome


Despite Peabody initially agreeing to make the necessary repairs, they failed to follow through adequately. The repairs that were carried out were merely cosmetic and quickly began to fail. Determined to get Mr. I the resolution he deserves, we gave Peabody a two-week ultimatum to complete the repairs or face legal action. This was a critical step in ensuring the housing disrepair claim was taken seriously.


When Peabody failed to meet this deadline, we took the matter to court. We needed to hold them accountable for their ongoing neglect. Our relentless pursuit of justice resulted in the court ordering Peabody to pay an additional £1,700 in compensation for their failure to complete the repairs as promised. This adds to the £5,165.82 in damages initially agreed to as part of the housing disrepair claim.


Our commitment to Mr. I did not stop there. We continued to monitor the situation closely, ensuring that Peabody carried out every last repair to the highest standard. We were determined to ensure that Mr. I’s home was made safe and habitable once and for all. Our tireless effort holds Peabody responsible for their neglect. As a result, Mr. I received the necessary financial compensation and repairs. This outcome underscores the effectiveness of a well-handled housing disrepair claim.