Faulty Heating

If you are finding yourself without heat from radiators or hot water from taps throughout your property, it’s indicative of a malfunctioning heating system. Even if it’s just a single radiator or tap malfunctioning, it could signal a breach of your landlord’s legal responsibilities. Notifying your landlord is the first step. If they fail to address the issue promptly, you may have grounds for action.

Common Causes

A defective boiler often lies at the heart of heating issues. Look for error codes, erratic behaviour like random shutdowns, or any leaks from boiler pipes as potential signs of trouble. Additionally, broken radiators or faulty pipework can also contribute to the problem.

Potential Harm

The repercussions of faulty heating extend beyond mere inconvenience. During colder seasons, the absence or reduction of heating can pose serious health risks, exacerbating existing conditions and contributing to dampness in the property. Lack of hot water not only affects personal hygiene but also complicates cleaning tasks.

How to resolve the disrepair

If you’ve alerted your landlord to the disrepair issue, we’re here to assist you in resolving it. Consider reaching out to us to initiate a housing disrepair claim, and our team of experts will diligently evaluate your situation to provide the necessary assistance. Your well-being and living conditions are our priority, and we’re committed to helping you navigate through this process effectively.

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